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In response to hunger in urban Kigali exacerbated by COVID-19, HOPE offered a feeding program in its neighbourhood of Gahanga. For the 12 consecutive days, graduates of Iwacu HOPE Home served their neighbours and have come to know them more intimately than ever before. For not only did the feed 100 hungry children per day, but they also engaged with and encouraged their parents.

As it is mandatory to wear masks in Rwanda, outside the home, and many cannot afford such a luxury, our HOPE Home graduates also presented masks to participants, both parents and children. These beautiful masks were created by the graduates of HOPE's Kelly Drader Longview Training Centre for Paul Hardy's “Buy One; Give One!” project. Needless to say, these masks will grant them much more freedom of movement and permit easier engagement in every aspect of daily life.

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June 1st marks the beginning of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

Each dollar you donate to Hopethiopia during the month of June equals one ballot in the drawing for $20,000.

Winning this prize would secure the sponsorship of 14 women in our textile schools, 7 in both Rwanda & Ethiopia.

So please HELP US WIN! Donate using the link below!

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Like everyone else, COVID-19 has had quite an impact upon our graduates livelihoods and outlooks. Paul Hardy saw an opportunity to not only help them through this difficult time, but also to empower them for the future, while providing others with much needed face coverings; he contracted them to make masks out of the stunning fabric that forever graces Rwanda with vibrant colour. These unique and beautiful masks are expected to arrive in Canada by early June. 

In Rwanda, all citizens are required to wear masks when they leave their homes, yet many cannot afford to purchase one, let alone a reusable one. So, with each mask purchased from Paul, one will be given to a Rwandan.

100% of the proceeds will go to sustaining this women’s business initiative and raising funds for HOPE’s new school and residences.



Facebook: Paul Brian Hardy

Instagram: Paulhardyinc

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