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For the past 9 years Painted Pony Energy has sponsored a HOPEthiopia charity calendar which has raised over $1,050,000 combined. However, since the company was recently sold, the former President & CEO Pat Ward, and his wife Michelle, have personally sponsored this calendar (once again, featuring Paul Van Ginkel's paintings). 100% of the donations go to Calgary based http://www.hopethiopia.com.

For a $40 (minimum) donation we gift you a calendar. To make a donation you can use PayPal through Paul Van GInkel's website link: https://paulvanginkel.com/news.aspx or email paulvg@shaw.ca, or donate to Hopethiopia's 2021 Charity Calendar on www.canadahelps.org. Other payment options include cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit or debit card. We will arrange pick up or delivery options.

Also, we are now selling Paul Van Ginkel's cover painting “Wild & Wondrous” through a social media silent auction. The market value for this 20X20” oil painting is $2500. To be a part of this fundraising auction, you can register a bid by emailing paulvg@shaw.ca. Whenever a new bid is received, Paul will inform the previous highest bidder. The deadline to bid is midnight November 30th. Paul will contact the winner on December 1st.

Since “every picture tells a story”, the following is the story behind this portrait: While in Ethiopia in 2009, HOPEthiopia co-founder Ralph Dubienski was asked by President Girma to hike into a remote location (15 kms away) and research a very holy Orthodox hot spring which had been a pilgrimage site for many centuries (it was starting to dry up due to intensive deforestation). Ralph and his son Kevin were the first foreigners to discover this unknown area. Ralph photographed this little girl while she was sitting at the outflow area of the hot spring with her mom (they were washing their clothes in the warm water). President Girma loved Ralph’s photo as it reminded him of the purity and innocence of an Ethiopian child. Since that original encounter, Ralph has visited the hot spring many times with mission teams, however, he hasn't seen that girl again (who is now probably around 18 years old). We all wonder how her life has unfolded…

“Wild & Wondrous” is available in paper print ($50 for a regular print of 300 and $75 for an Artist Proof print of 30.) 100% of donations go to HOPEthiopia. All the details are on Paul Van Ginkel's website https://paulvanginkel.com/vanginkel-prints.aspx

Thank you for your continued support! May God bless you with health and welfare!

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Graduates from HOPE’s Kelly Drader Longview Training Centre have been busily producing stunning, vibrant, unique masks for the Paul Hardy Mask Project. Over 3,000 masks created out of joyful, colourful African kitenge have been shipped to Canada for sale internationally! (See below for the link to Paul’s website to order yours.) And as promised, for every mask made, a mask was created to be given to a local, as all Rwandans required are by law to wear a mask in public. (Please, see the previous post about distribution of the "Give One" masks.) So, our ladies made over 6,000 masks in just 5 weeks!

This has proven to be the most fabulous opportunity for our ladies to learn production line assembly and advanced textile skills! Confidence has grown as they acquired new skills and became more proficient tailors. And when it finally sunk in that their products were being exported to and sold in Canada, they were so proud of themselves! The ladies began to believe there was nothing they couldn’t do.

Hope has been restored and the ladies are dreaming again! Some imagined returning to school, while others saw investing in their own businesses. Saving has become a new habit – they now have money to save and they have something to save for!

Truly these women have been empowered through this opportunity.

100% of the proceeds will go to sustaining this women’s business initiative and raising funds for HOPE’s new school and residences.


Website: https://paulhardydesign.com

Facebook: Paul Brian Hardy

Instagram: Paulhardyinc

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In response to hunger in urban Kigali exacerbated by COVID-19, HOPE offered a feeding program in its neighbourhood of Gahanga. For the 12 consecutive days, graduates of Iwacu HOPE Home served their neighbours and have come to know them more intimately than ever before. For not only did the feed 100 hungry children per day, but they also engaged with and encouraged their parents.

As it is mandatory to wear masks in Rwanda, outside the home, and many cannot afford such a luxury, our HOPE Home graduates also presented masks to participants, both parents and children. These beautiful masks were created by the graduates of HOPE's Kelly Drader Longview Training Centre for Paul Hardy's “Buy One; Give One!” project. Needless to say, these masks will grant them much more freedom of movement and permit easier engagement in every aspect of daily life.

If you are interested in learning more or in partnering with HOPE to empower these youth and children, feel free to contact us for more information.



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