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HOPE is blessed to be able to provide school sponsorships for the children of the most marginalized men and women we serve in Rwanda. Last month, seven of our sponsored children graduated from Secondary School! These extraordinary young people are the first generation of their families to complete high school. And considering each has been an exceptional student, their aspirations of obtaining scholarships for Post-Secondary Education is tangible. With dreams of becoming teachers, engineers, film-makers, I/T specialists etc. these are the leaders of the next generation! Thank you all for joining us for dinner, ice cream and a visit to one of Kigali's most beautiful locations, the Kigali Convention Center! Everyone from HOPE is so very proud of you!

The blessing of being a part of the generational transformation that we have witnessed is nothing short of miraculous. These youths’ parents testify to the fact that without sponsorship their child would never have completed high school, let alone finish at the top of their classes. They remain eternally grateful to their sponsors.

If you are looking to make a huge impact in a someone’s life and to help propel them into a hopeful future by sponsoring a child to attend school, please send us a message. We would be very happy to connect you with one of our 150 amazing children, so you can play an essential role in breaking the generational cycle of poverty!

December 2019

Capping off their time with the upcoming intake of HOPE’s tailoring in Kigali Rwanda, the Hearts of Hope Team hosted the new ladies at Lake Muhazi. It was a time to play, sing, go boating, ride the teeter-totter, swing, eat, laugh, cry and make new friends; it was time for these girls, who were forced to grow up far too quickly, to just be girls. What a splendrous day!

The Hearts of Hope were instrumental in developing trust with these abused and abandoned young women. Lavishing these girls with love and attention, in a short 2 weeks, each new student became vitally aware of her own worth and belovedness. It is nothing short of miraculous!

Thank you to the Hearts of Hope 2020 ladies: Elsie Pankratz, JoAnne Etienne, Ellen Braaten, Kelly Fahnestock, Ashley Smith and Pamela Hudson. You love so well! You’ve set these beautiful young ladies up for a gloriously hope-filled year!

February 2020

The carpenters of Cooperative Abadasigana Gahanga (CAG) have a dream to change their paths and the paths of their children, and children’s children. And it is becoming a realization.

Ten of the sixteen men working with CAG were residents of HOPE Home in Rwanda. Before participating in Rwanda’s government run rehabilitation program on Iwawa (IRC), most of these young men were street kids; orphaned and homeless. And here they are today, with their own thriving cooperative business!

Being recognized by the government for their tremendous success, a visit from the Deputy Minister of MINALOC, the Deputy Director General of NRS and the new Mayor of Kicukiro District meant media attention! Much to the guys’ surprise, they made the news on TV! The media captured their desire to help Iwawa graduates avoid falling back into the trap of addiction and provide stability by inviting them to join their cooperative.

These young men have come a long way; now with wives and children of their own they have stability. They want the same for the new IRC graduates and they are willing to provide mentorship.

When asked about their success they attributed much of it to HOPE. Unanimously, they declared, the greatest thing they experienced at HOPE Home was “love.” It was a love that listened, encouraged, and built up. By providing a home with all the necessities of life, laced with tender loving care, they felt valued and worthy. They found supportive family in HOPE.

As they left HOPE Home, they set out to start a business, HOPE believed in them and provided seed money. When that first business faltered, the men did not give up, instead they buckled down, took on other jobs and saved until they could rent this current location and stock it with the tools of their trade. Today they boast of a huge success!

Closing our visit to their cooperative they shared, “We want to change history! We want to make everyone very proud!” Truly, we are busting with pride! Well done fellows!

March 2020

If you are interested in learning more or in partnering with HOPE to empower these youth and children, feel free to contact us for more information.



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