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It is hard to believe that these lovely ladies have been studying with us almost a full year! ... and that they are graduating in a couple of weeks! As you can see from the creations they designed and made, they have worked hard to become very accomplished ... and they had fun doing it! We are all so proud of them!

December 2019

It is with great joy that Hopethiopia/Rwanda (HOPE) welcomes 30 new men to HOPE Home in Gahanga, Kicukiro. Having successfully completed a one-year program at Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre, these young men are full or hope and promise. HOPE is thrilled to receive this, its 10th group of graduates from IRC and are eager to see them not merely reintegrated into society but fully engaged as Rwandan citizens.

With the addition of these young men to the HOPE Family, there have been more than 350 residents come through our home. These young men are hard-working men of character. We are excited to see them established in the community, finding jobs, and building families of their own, as many of our previous residents can boast.

HOPE is so very grateful for its supportive partners: Rwanda’s National Rehabilitation Services, Kicukiro District, Duhumurizanye Iwacu Rwanda, Rwanda Governance Board and the Ministry of Local Government. Thank you for your continued support. Turikumwe!

September 2019

With World Toilet Day on Tuesday, it was a great day to unveil the latest latrine constructed by the men of HOPE Home in Rwanda. Volunteering their time and skills, using donations to HOPE allocated to such an effort, these men constructed a beautiful and easy to maintain, toilet and wash room. Having lived for years without a latrine, Fortunée, this very gracious lady, was thrilled to receive such a blessing. Many of us in the so called “developed world” are unaware of the reality that 4.2 billion people in the world do not have safely managed sanitation. This year’s World Toilet Day theme was “Leaving no one behind,” which acknowledges and raises awareness of people who are being left behind without sanitation, and the inevitable consequences of inaction. We are happy to do our part to improve the lives of our Rwandese neighbours and help alleviate the global sanitation crisis.

November 2019

If you are interested in learning more or in partnering with HOPE to empower these youth and children, feel free to contact us for more information.



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