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The exquisite “Ladies of Hope,” the students of Kelly Drader Longview Training Centre in Kigali, have graduated! Though nervous about being paraded before their family and friends, their joy was palpable!

Having completed their 10-month program that includes tailoring and embroidery skills, counselling, business training, and life skills, hope has been restored! These lovely ladies have endured much trauma and loss in their lives, but today marks a wondrous gain! Their futures and the futures of their children look so much brighter today.

And these sweet ladies did not claim all the glory. They lavished HOPE’s Dream Team, their teachers and fellow students with words of gratitude and thank you gifts. They are so appreciative for their contribution to their growth!

Thank you to our partners for their support! National Rehabilitation Services of Rwanda, Duhumurizanye Iwacu Rwanda, Love and Hands, and all of you HOPE supports … the success of these graduates is also your success. Turikumwe. Hobe cyane!

March 2020

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