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Since August 2014, almost 300 young men from Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre have found family at HOPE Home. For a period of up to 6 months (unless there are extenuating circumstances, e.g. serious health issues), a caring and secure home is provided for recent IRC graduates. HOPE facilitates procuring of jobs and integration into different aspects of society, i.e. community, business, church, school, etc.

HOPE Home residents commit to a month of umuganda projects – initiatives to improve and enrich their community through volunteerism. Building latrines for the poor, working neighbor’s land and repairing widows’ dilapidated houses help demonstrate the truth of the graduates’ skills, strength, and character, which ultimately breaks the stigma against them.

Many HOPE Home graduates have become very successful business owners, have purchased their own land, built houses, and even established the 'HOPE Anti-Drug Club' to help other youth from falling into substance abuse.

Setp 2018 Intake Graduation from HOPE Ho
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